Build NEW or BUY and REMODEL?

Today's real estate market favors buyers with lower prices and plenty to choose from. But should you buy and remodel or build new?


   We have all heard the news regarding foreclosure rates, depressed housing markets and a glut of homes for sale. It is truly a buyer's market today with home prices below the cost of new construction. But what if you have outgrown your house and your likely selling price is too low to warrant putting your house on the market?

There is a solution, and that is to remodel your existing property. By adding the space you need or simply replacing windows, your roof or other home improvement items, you can increase the value of your property and build equity for a future sale when values are more conducive to selling and buying a more suitable property. Kitchen remodels, window replacements and general updating when done correctly always pays off in the long run.

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