How to Choose a Builder

Your home is the biggest investment you'll make in your lifetime. When building new or making remodeling changes, you must have a good relationship with your builder. Follow these guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible.


Choose a Local Builder

Accountability to neighbors and community members is your best source of references. Choose a builder who lives near your project and one that can be available if needed. Be

Insist on a Budget Sheet

Enabling the tracking of expenses from site work right through final cleaning, this allows you to track changes and  make adjustments to your new custom home or remodeling project.

Communicate Often

An absentee owner is okay, but establish routine a communication schedule that includes photo updates of the project. This is critical when constructing your remodel or new custom home. Questions constantly arise from the builder about layout changes, material choices, colors, etc. Continual and effective daily communication will smooth out bumps on your home building highway.

Establish a Friendly Relationship

Establish and keep a good relationship with the subcontractors, too. Sometimes a friendly gesture such as offering a cup of coffee goes a long way when your subcontractor is helping to create your new home or renovate your existing palace.  Respect the trades people and their skills to help ensurre quality work.

Trust is Key

Ultimately, you must trust your builder and he must trust you. Without this crucial element, the project is most certainly doomed. No amount of contractual legalese will replace a personal relationship built on trust, and references will serve to build trust.

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